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Visual Studio: Avoid Template Overload in VS2010

Visual Studio 2010 gives us a slightly different dialog for creating a new project than we are used to from Visual Studio 2008. It comes as a welcome change because they have added some great features like the ability to search installed templates, as well as the ability to change the sort order for the templates we are currently looking through. However there are certainly a lot of templates installed by default with Visual Studio, especially if you are a multi language developer, and have templates for several languages installed. As you install other SDKs and project types through addons to Visual Studio, the list of possible templates can get rather long.

It can slow you down to have to select the node of the project/language type you want, then find the specific project type to create your new project. While you can filter by typing in part of the template name you are looking for, this isn't always ideal.

In comes the "Recent Templates" feature of this new dialog, that will keep a listing of your most recently used project template types.

If you are like me and are generally creating the same types of projects for your examples or even your production projects, this tab will be your best friend to quickly access your frequent templates.

Here is what the new project dialog looks like in VS2010 (Beta 2), and where you can find the "Recent Templates" section. It can be easy to miss since it is a new feature and it is collapsed by default.


Posted Jan 19 2010, 02:28 AM by Matthew Kleinwaks
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