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Slow to show Windows 7 desktop with gigabyte board

I have a custom built PC using a gigabyte system board, and I recently upgraded my SSD from an Intel SATA2, to an OCZ Vertex3 SATA3. Since the upgrade everything is fine except my Windows login seemed to take forever. The machine would boot quickly, but I could count 17-18 rotations of the wait cursor between "welcome" and my usable desktop. Once at the desktop, again everything is nice and fast.

I was quick to blame the less than spectacular Marvell controller, since it was the SATA3 controller and I was forced to use it over the Intel ICH controller. It just seemed odd regardless, considering this one place was the only place I noticed a delay.

However while upgrading one of my customers machines, I ran into the same issue, this time on an Intel SATA3 controller and Intel SSD drive.

To get the solution, since anyone that is reading this most likely is having this problem, it was simple. You uninstall the Smart6 software from Gigabyte. For whatever reason, this software causes this delay. It may be that it is loading and interfacing with the systemboard (even though it does not have a startup entry you can disable). It likely loads as some lower level driver and it just takes too damn long. Maybe on a slow machine one would not notice it anyway, but on my fast i7 rig, this is not acceptable. It occured to me when I did my SSD upgrade, I grabbed the latest BIOS and also downloaded Smart6 and installed it at the time. So it was just because of the timing, that I thought it must be related to my drive swap. The software was installed on my customers machine while I was installing items off the CD that came with the board.

So with Smart6 uninstalled, I don't even see "welcome" displayed, it is a nearly instant transition from my password to my desktop. All is well again.

Posted Oct 19 2011, 01:02 AM by Matthew Kleinwaks


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