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Windows Home Server - Slow File Copy

Tonight when I was trying to copy some movie files to my Windows Home Server (V1), I was getting horribly slow speeds and any file over a few gigs in size would eventually time out (if I let it hang that long doing nothing). Normally my speeds are very good for transfer because both machine use gigabit cards and the switch is as well.

I reset my router and switch, and rebooted both machines but the problem persisted.

Ultimately I was able to resolve the issue pretty easily.

  1. Remote desktop into the WHS machine
  2. Open the Device Manager from the system menu in the control panel
  3. Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
  4. Open the properties for the Primary IDE Channel
  5. Under advanced Settings, make sure you don't see PIO mode as the Current Transfer Mode for either device. If it does have PIO mode, then likely your problem is the same as mine. To fix it, close out of the properties screen and right click on Primary IDE Channel and select "uninstall". Once that has finished, reboot your server and you should be back in business. Also note that you should check the Secondary IDE Channel as well. It really all depends on what channels your drives are hooked up to.

I spent a while messing around before I figured this out, so hopefully it will help someone else.

Posted Mar 07 2011, 03:21 AM by Matthew Kleinwaks

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