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DVDID XML files and how to get them

About a month or so ago, I started ripping my DVD collection to my WHS in an effort to use Media Center via XBOX 360 to play my movies. I found a great site called DVDXML.com (I am sure some of you are familiar with it) to get the XML files for these rips, so that media center would properly go out to the web and grab the cover art and movie data.

I ripped all my movies to MPG files (which works with Media Center/Xbox 360 in Windows 7) and was happy to find they work just as well as VOB files when it comes to utilizing cover art and the dvdid data. (even DIVX avi files work)

I spoke to Tim who runs DVDXML.com and told him I would be interested in writing a Windows client to simplify the process of getting these files for bigger collections.

I have created a Windows client app that automates the process of getting all the DVDID xml files for your movie collection.

The normal process of getting the DVDID.xml files from DVDXML.com goes something like this:

  • Login on website
  • Search for movie title
  • Look through results to find correct match, select match
  • Click button to download DVDID.XML file from website
  • Select directory where DVDID.XML file should go

So as you can image, if you have a big collection, that could be a pretty painful process. Tim over at DVDXML.com had created an XML api that could be used to gain access to his database of DVDID information. He currently charges $20 for a license to the API. My application uses this API to automate the above process down to this:

  • Run DVDXML.com client app
  • Select root folder where all movie rips are contained
  • Click Run Query button
  • All results for all movies are brought back instantly. You go through the list and click on the match, and the DVDID.XML file and optionally the cover art are saved to the correct folder automatically.

There are also some other features, like a directory creation wizard, for those of you who might have a folder with a bunch of movie files sitting in it (media center needs a folder structure to work properly with DVDID.xml files). As well as the ability to do manual queries, requires, consolidation of multiple DVDID.xml files if present for a single movie, etc..

Oh, and of course the best part, is that this application is written in Visual Basic.NET (using .NET 3.5 SP1).

You can download the application from the link below (keep in mind you do need an API license from DVDXML.com)

DVDXML.com Windows Client Download Page

Here are a few screenshots:


Posted Apr 28 2009, 04:43 PM by Matthew Kleinwaks
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Jim K. wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Thu, Jun 18 2009 9:33 AM

Can this application create custom xml files?

There are lot of DVDs that I cannot find the associated DVDID xml files. So I would like to create the xml file myself with the relevent cover art.

Matthew Kleinwaks wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Thu, Jun 18 2009 9:47 AM


No this application just interfaces with the DVDXML.com API. However it is pretty easy to submit any DVD IDs to that site, and the owner is good about updating the database (daily) with new submissions.

You can get info on that here:


If possible, I will consider trying to automate some of this in a future release of this client application though.

Derek wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Sun, Aug 16 2009 3:45 PM

I downloaded this the other day but it fails to login with my DVDxml username/pass... Any suggestions?

Matthew Kleinwaks wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Mon, Aug 17 2009 9:53 AM

This client application is for members of DVDXML.com who have purchased an API membership from the site. Without purchasing the membership, you can only use the website to get DVDID files individually.

Nathan wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Thu, Oct 15 2009 4:18 PM

This application has been a lifesaver!  Thanks!  Unfortunately, I started getting an "Unhandled Exception" pop-up yesterday every time I start the program and when I click on just about any of the buttons (ex: Select Root Folder). The application eventually closes itself with a final "Unhandled Exception" window. I'm having withdrawal symptoms already... any ideas on how to fix?  I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling... no luck.

Matthew Kleinwaks wrote re: DVDID XML files and how to get them
on Thu, Oct 15 2009 6:05 PM


Glad that you like it. Was a life saver for me as well with my big collection of movies. That is why I did the project in the first place. Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Depending if you are on Vista/7 or Windows XP the directories will be a little different, but navigate to c:\Docuemnts and Settings (c:\users on Vista\7)

Then once you are there go into your user profile, and then local settings/application data folder (you may need to show hidden files to do this). You will find a zerosandtheone folder in there. Delete that, and then reinstall the app. This folder contains the settings. There is a chance something is corrupted and has caused your error. Once you have deleted these settings try running the app again.

If you still get an error it could be framework related, otherwise you should be back in business.

Email me directly if you can't get it working again, and we can talk offline about this.

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