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This site is geared towards providing information about Microsoft's VB.NET programming language.

You will find code examples, articles, blog posts, videos, and other ways to cram VB goodness down your throats.

You need to join the site to post any comments or questions, however currently I have signup set to automatic, so no email authentication is needed. This is until someone abuses it and I am forced to make it more restrictive. Wink


My name is Matthew Kleinwaks and I am a  for Visual Basic.


I started working in Visual Basic with VBA in Access 97. I was more or less self taught for a while, using help files and the internet as my reference. I moved on to VB6 to create compiled applications, and after a few years of VB6 development, I moved to Visual Basic .NET after it matured a bit and .NET 1.1 was released.

There was a bit of a learning curve, but I have never looked back, and each version of VB has gotten better, as well as the IDE and tools used to develop with.

Currently the examples and tutorials you find on my site generally are written in Visual Studio 2008, but I target the .NET 2.0 framework, unless I am showcasing a specific technology that is unique to one of the newer framework versions. This way I can maximize the group of VB developers that can make use of these samples.


You can contact me at mattzerosandtheone.com

I also do provide some consulting services from time to time when people need help on specific projects.



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